Expert Songcraft Bootcamp

Improve Your Songwriting with a Juilliard Pro. Learn how to compose music by learning the techniques and theory used by some of the greatest music artist of our time.

July 11th-July 21st 8 Seats Available 8th-10th Grade Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6-7:30 PM

Chris Kapica

What You'll Learn

  • Song structures and how to play with the expectations of the listener
  • What makes a melody great and how to apply those concepts to your own toplines
  • Lyric writing techniques, including how to make your melody and lyrics work better together
  • Chord theory and how certain types of chords in certain combinations can affect the dramatic arc of a song
  • Rhythm and groove and how they can be used to create moments of comfort and tension in a song
  • How arrangement and production decisions can compliment your melody and affect the energy of a song

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Program Description

In this Songwriting Bootcamp, you'll learn how to compose music by learning the techniques and theories used by some of the greatest music artists of our time.  Songwriters learn what makes the songs they love so special and then apply those concepts to their own music. You'll discover how the melodic, rhythmic, harmonic, and structural elements all work together to create a compelling song. In the end, you'll write your own song and then receive expert feedback from the instructor, a Juilliard-trained composer, and songwriter. This is a virtual Bootcamp designed for high schoolers familiar with Basic Music Theory.

Location: This is a virtual music camp. The details for joining the virtual room will provided after registration

Materials: Students will be required to have a laptop pencils and paper on hand

Meet the Instructor

Chris Kapica

The Juilliard School (Master of Music, Composition -- May 2009) The Juilliard School (Bachelor of Music, Composition -- May 2008)

Hi! I'm a Juilliard-trained composer currently serving as the Dean and Chief Academic Officer of California College of Music in Pasadena. I've taught collegiately at both Juilliard and CCM for over 8 ... Read More