Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Penzils is a marketplace to find affordable, local student tutors for any subject, skill, or passion. We quickly connect students to paid teaching opportunities that fit their schedules and allow any user to find one-one personalized instruction for anything.

Student tutors come to Penzils to promote their skills and knowledge as learning services. People from the general public can come to find local or online tutors and ask for things that they need. The Penzils marketplace provides the connection while student tutors and learners can get down to business.

Learners can see tutors' availability by clicking their profile on the homepage. After a learner messages a tutor, the tutor will receive an email with the details of the inquiry - including availability, subject(s), grade, and more. The tutor will then contact the learner directly for an introduction and details regarding setting up an initial session over email.

If you are unable to find a tutor you can request a tutor here, and we will connect you with an expert tutor that fits your time, location and availability needs.

For further inquiries please email”
For Tutors

First answer the series of questions here. At the end of the form you will be prompted to set up a calendly invite for an interview. To improve your chances of getting accepted write a thorough description of your bio, teaching style and service description and come prepared to share about your approach to tutoring and your background. Within 24 hours of your interview you will be notified about your acceptance. Upon acceptance you will receive an email with a link with credentials to sign in to your account. .

Potential learners will reach out to you by email. To get more opportunities make your profile more attractive by doing the following.

Offer a free session: We highly recommend you offer a free online session to build trust with the students you work with. Many tutors use this opportunity as a way to get to know the students they are working with so that both parties can walk into the first paid session more confidently.

Create a Great Profile: Have a thorough bio and relevant experience with a detailed description of your services and how you will help your students. Make sure your profile picture is clear. You can make changes to your profile on your settings page. Have a friendly introduction.

Be prepared: Ask for any resources and subject material so you know exactly what to prepare for in each session.

To update your profile, simply login and update your profile in your settings. After onboarding, your login credentials will be sent to you in a welcome email. How do I remove my tutor profile from the marketplace? In your settings page, under “Currently accepting work” select the “no” option. After this, Learners will no longer be able to contact you through Penzils.

You can charge your learner electronically via venmo, paypal, cash, etc. Please charge your client after the session is completed. We currently do not take a cut or commission for helping you connect with opportunities.

You will initially communicate with your learner via email, if you receive the approval from your learner you may text your learner for communication. As a tutor you are responsible for being prompt with your users and clearly communicating your services, schedule, payment, and needs.
For Learners

Find your tutor by clicking on the category of help you need. From there online tutors as well as in person tutors who are in your area will appear. You can then browse through the available tutors by clicking on a tutor and reading through each tutor’s profile. Many tutors offer a wide range of services so you can use one tutor to help you learn multiple subjects or skills. Once you have found the right tutor for you, click “Message” to talk with them.

Penzils currently offers tutoring in over 80 different academic, recreational, and professional disciplines. The list is always growing; for a full overview of subjects on offer, please see our website landing page.

Please talk with your tutor about payment. Your tutor will provide you with the information on how they would like to collect payment whether that be through cash, Venmo, Paypal, or other means. This is best to be arranged prior to the session.

After you find a tutor that fits your needs, click “Message” on the top left of the tutor profile. From there you will be prompted to enter the email address you would like your tutor to reach out to and you will be prompted to write an initial message with your needs to the tutor. Do I need to commit to a certain number of hours, sessions, or tutor? No! We seek to offer as much flexibility as possible to you as a Learner. The frequency, length, and instructor for your sessions is entirely up to you, and you will never be “locked in” to any type of payment plan or subscription service. Penzils Office Hours
Office Hours

Penzils Office Hours allows students to get help with their coursework without scheduling a session with a tutor in advance. If you get stuck on a homework problem, have a question before an exam, or are struggling with a concept, you can join any live session, anytime during the tutor’s availability listed here. You can stay in the room for as long as the tutor is available.

Prior to entry you will be required to Venmo @Mastered-Tutors $8, and enter a series of questions to help your tutor understand your needs and let them know that they should enter the room.

During Penzils Office Hours, you will have access to many of the 80+ subjects we currently have on our platform. For specifics, please check the subjects offered by each of the tutors currently available during Penzils Office Hours.

Penzils has thoroughly vetted our most trusted tutors to offer their services here. All of the tutors offering office hours have over 50+ hours of tutoring experience and were selected based on the excellent feedback received from students they have previously helped out. They also are all exceptional students themselves at Universities across the country.