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Studies have shown that one-on-one tutoring can boost average students to the top 2% of their class, but in the long run it could do a lot more. Having an amazing tutor can boost self-esteem, improve study habits, and increase engagement in course work. At Penzils our network of tutors are equipped to take your studies to the next level.

We vetted over 200 student tutors and have supported countless students K-College. All of our tutors are high achieving students or recent graduates with experience helping students ace classes. We want to connect you with one of our experts for Free today!


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Alex Pak


My name’s Alex and I’m a current student at UCLA. I’m a strong believer that with dedication and the willingness to learn, you can excel at whatever you put your mind to.... view profile

Dyreek Brathwaite

Mechanical Engineer

My name is Dyreek Brathwaite and I am a relatively recent graduate from the University of Rochester with a BS in mechanical engineering and MS in engineering management... view profile

Sierra Myer


Hi, I’m Sierra! When it comes to workshopping and improving writing, I’ve had experience all around the block: essays, short stories, poems—even personal projects and autobiographies... view profile

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