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Career Advice 29 December 2021 02:04 PM    4 min read

Three Tips for Successful UC Transfer Admission

Are you a college student looking to transfer to the University of California? Feeling nervous about preparing to apply for admission? Read along for some valuable tips to ease your stress and keep you ahead of the curve.   1. Begin planning early and maintain organization Applying to a UC is a multi-step process which requires attention to detail for success. It is your responsibility to fill out each relevant application, upload necessary documents, and provide background information on your academic history, all by specific deadlines. Consider creating a spreadsheet to keep track

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College Apps 29 December 2021 02:03 PM    4 min read

How I got into every UC

With a record-breaking 112,800 freshmen applicants to UC Berkeley and 139,463 to UCLA during the application season for fall 2021 admission, it becomes harder and harder to make yourself stand out. It feels like everyone is in seven AP classes, three sports, and more extracurricular activities than you can count, and before you know it, you feel behind and overwhelmed.But the truth is, overloading yourself with extracurricular activities is not the only way (or, honestly, the best way) to prepare for college application season. In 2020, I received admission offers from all UC schools I applied

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Stories 29 December 2021 02:05 PM    4 min read

Balancing Life as a High School Student

Students rushing to turn in assignments by the deadline, struggling to maintain the proper amount of sleep on a given night, failing to find time for relaxation due to the burden that is constantly weighing them down. Do any of these struggles seem familiar to you?   While high school can be a positive environment for the social aspect, educational opportunities, and lifelong lessons that can be taught, it can also be a very overwhelming atmosphere to attend due to the constant stresses it imposes on everyday students. It is reported that on a 10-point scale, teenagers have an average st

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Study Hacks 29 December 2021 02:05 PM    3 min read

How do you know if your tutor is right for you

Ever feel like you’ve hit a deadend in your homework? Where you simply don’t know what else to do, or where else to go from here? Every student has been there. Even the smartest people have been stumped and in need of help. That’s what tutors are for, but it’s not always easy finding a tutor that’ll compliment your learning needs. If you are struggling to find a tutor that is right for you, here are some general expectations that a tutor should meet.      1. Your tutor should adapt to your learning needs.   It is essential for your tutor to beg

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Career Advice 04 January 2022 12:20 PM    4 min read

Professional Growth as a College Student

Are you a college student wondering, “What’s next for me?” Searching for a career can often seem intimidating or stressful, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, here are a few steps to help you leverage professional growth.    1.Build a strong college resume Yes, there is a difference between your high school and college resumes. For starters, you want your resume to be organized, specific, and roughly one page long. Start by dividing the page into a few categories such as education, experience, extra curricular activities, and additional information. Wi

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Study Hacks 26 February 2022 08:15 PM    3 min read

Tutor Hiring Safety Tips

Tutor hiring safety tips If you’re looking to hire a tutor, there are important steps to follow to ensure your safety by verifying the authenticity of the tutor’s profile and qualifications.    1. Assess their profile A trustworthy tutor should have a comprehensive profile. This may include a name, profile picture, biography, and description of the services they provide. Review their background and qualifications to ensure they are a good fit for the service you seek.   2. Obtain a background check Penzils does not require tutors on its website to have a b

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