Earn by Tutoring Around Your Busy Schedule


What is Penzils?

At Penzils, we connect you to high paying tutoring opportunities that fit your busy schedule. We believe in strengthing communities, boosting confidence, and fighting learning loss. Through peer-to-peer tutoring we believe we can help others learn anything.

We currently have over 200 hundred tutors serving countless families in Los Angeles and Orange County offering everything from middle school math to music. We want to see you impact other students by sharing knowledge on the subjects and skills you are passionate about

A student sitting with a tutor near their laptop.

Why Tutor with Penzils?

A tutor helping a student with their homework.

Inspire Others

Seeing your students excel is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have!

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Be Your Own Boss

Choose when you work, your rates, and how often you tutor.

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Online Options

Help students from the comfort of your home!

Common Questions

Some questions asked by the members of our community

At Penzils, we vet through every single tutor application. All tutors are required to be interviewed. We have an approval rate of ~40%, yes — we ensure quality and passionate tutors in the community. Our criteria for approval are:

  • Demonstrated mastery of the subjects they want to teach
  • At least one year of tutoring. This can be volunteer work
  • Passionate about tutoring and sharing
  • Excellent communication skills and EQ

Welcome! We are glad you are here!

After signing up for Penzils, you will receive opportunities over email and SMS. You'll also receive resources on how to make the most out of your time with your students.

Tutors are encouraged to offer free first online sessions to give you a chance to build trust with your student. Penzils will handle scheduling and payouts, so all you will need to worry about is making your student happy!

Tutors can teach or tutor any subject and skill they would like. However, if the subject is not listed, the service or subject will need to be approved first. Instructions for offering a subject not listed yet will be given after onboarding.

Yes, all tutors can meet and learn from fellow tutors too! :)